Monday, April 23, 2012

Brain Drain in India

Brain drain is defined as the immigration of individuals with technical skills or knowledge, normally due to conflict, lack of opportunity, political instability or health risks. Brain drain is common among developing nations. We have been experiencing this problem ever since we won our freedom. We set up our institutes of higher education with high hopes. It is unfortunate that thousands of our doctors and engineers are leaving country every year.

The main reason for this brain drain is scarcity in employment opportunities. We have a large man power waiting for respectable jobs. Several engineering graduates are waiting for employment. Some are not satisfied with their jobs, they feel they are under employed, so they migrate to countries wherever they find better opportunities.

The government has every reason to feel concerned about this problem because the number of scientific and technical personnel leaving India has increased in recent years. Measures taken by government have not yielded results. Still it is difficult to find suitable jobs for those who would like to return. Whenever some of them return they have a complaint of lack of job satisfaction due to absence of innovative research.

Indian workers, scientists, doctors and engineers have already made their mark in several countries. In America alone, more than 25% of the doctors, engineers and technical personnel are from India. Indians working in fields, factories, hospitals are known for their sense of duty and dedication. They form the back bone of the whole economic system in that country.

What we require is a proper planning of our requirements. Awareness should be brought among those intending to go abroad that it is their moral and sacred duty toward their country to serve their motherland first and foremost. The government must think in terms of establishing a compulsory national service for a limited period of time for the science, engineering and medicine graduates.

The basic facilities suitable for research and education should be provided in the institutions so that our technical graduates do not feel uncomfortable in their own setup. Let every graduate realise that he has a duty towards his country that educated him and that his leaving the country is nothing less than a betrayal.

By --- Aakansha Mishra

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