Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Corruption is today a world-wide vice. In our country, some people in high positions have been charged for it. Corruption starts at the top and percolates down to the whole society. Such corruption cannot be limited to the town alone. It is as widespread in the village where the dishonest officials and the traders carry the germs of this disease. The unreasonableness of price rules the land and the people are helpless victims of corruption everywhere. The officials representing all government departments are close to the most corrupt businessmen who are too dishonest to let any opportunity of accumulating profits slip. This broadens the base of the vicious circle and corruption spreads like wild fire to swallow the entire society.
            Corruption in India is a consequence of the connection between the bureaucracy, politics and criminals. Today the number of ministers with an honest image can be counted on fingers. At one time, bribe was paid for getting wrong things done, but now bribe is paid for getting right things done at right time.
            Indian administration is corrupted with scandals. India is among 55 of the 106 countries where corruption is uncontrolled, according to the corruption perception index 2004 report released by Transparency International India. As nation grows, the corrupt also grow to invent new methods of cheating the government and public.
            The causes of corruption are many. Let me put forward some of the causes:
·         Vast size of population coupled with widespread illiteracy and the poor economic infrastructure lead to regional corruption in public life.
·         Complex laws and procedures compel common people to not ask for any help from government.
·         In highly growing economy, low salaries of government officials compel them to walk the road of corruption.
·         Tolerance of people towards corruption, complete lack of intense public protest against corruption and the absence of medium to oppose corruption allows corruption to rule over people.
·         Election time is a time when corruption is at its peak level. In order to get elected, politicians bribe poor illiterate people.
Is it possible to eradicate corruption from our society? Corruption is a disease and we must try hard to cure it.
·         Foolproof laws should be made so that there is no room for free will for politicians and bureaucrats.
·         Right to information should be introduced which will empower the citizens to ask for the information they want.
    Corruption is an intractable problem. It may not be possible to root out corruption completely at all levels but it is possible to control it within tolerable limits. Today India can be saved from this poison of corruption only through entering into politics. So, we the young generation of the country must try hard for eradicating corruption and other problems to make our country prosperous. Patriotism within individual must be arisen. ‘My country is my home’ ideas must be cultivated.

By -- Aakansha Mishra 

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